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Creating Curb Appeal

Creating Curb Appeal

Attracting and retaining reliable renters in your rental property can be a challenge. Many landlords put a lot of thought into layout, flooring, the right colors, lighting, and the list continues. While these are essential, it is equally vital to take time for landscaping, or in other words, curb appeal. Before a potential tenant steps inside your property for a showing, they are forming an opinion based on the outside. Keeping your yard and plant beds crisp and clean is essential. 

Besides creating an attractive setting for your rental property, your landscaping needs to be relatively easy to maintain. If your rental agreement puts the responsibility upon your tenant, then a low maintenance yard will be easier for them to care for. If you are keeping it up yourself, well . . . do you want to spend your downtime at your rental? And if you hire a service, the more complex, the higher the cost.

Tips to low- maintenance landscaping in Phoenix and surrounding areas

Start with a plan. Take a drive through your area and note landscaping that grabs your attention. Don’t’ be afraid to “copy” a landscape design that attracts your eye. Visit the library and browse the landscaping books. When it’s time to purchase your plants, know the plants you want to group in your landscape, and take a list with you to the nursery.

Create specific areas for plants. They don’t have to be large areas, just strategically placed. In each area, use plants with similar water needs. 

Group different shapes for variety and attractiveness. 

Paving stones add attraction and help designate landscaping areas.

Choose native plants – those resilient plants naturally adapted to our desert climate, which love the sun, but require little water. 

Go for color. Cacti and succulents are hardy, low-water plants, yet add intrigue, and bright, beautiful color, such as the bright orange of Cape Aloe or the pink of Beavertail Prickly Pear and the rich purple of Blue Myrtle cactus.

Include a tree or two, depending on the size and location of your property. Choose trees that will fit your space. When planted in the right place, trees can do more than add to the landscape. They can provide shade, which reduces utility bills. 

Accent with rocks. Once they are in place, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Use ground covers that do not require water and will keep weeds down. Besides that, ground covers help maintain soil moisture and reduce weed growth.

Use tall cactus or shrubs to create natural boundaries. Desert shrubs are ideal because they are best left alone – too much trimming is hard on them. Drought-tolerant shrubs and flowers are a summertime delight. Not only do they conserve water, but they’re also low maintenance and save you time.

And speaking of watering, set your irrigation system to water early in the morning. Water evaporates slower at the cool time of day, and you’ll get more bang for your buck plus conserve on the water in the end.

Don’t neglect maintenance. Spraying for weeds and insects, fertilizing, trimming, and watering consistently will keep your landscaping tip-top, while costing less in both time and expense in the long run.

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