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Rentals America Supports the I-HELP Campaign on World Homeless Day

Rentals America Supports the I-HELP Campaign on World Homeless Day

In recognition of World Homeless Day, Rentals America is proud to support Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) and the I-HELP campaign. The I-HELP program strives to improve the economic status and self-sufficiency of homeless men and women.

“As the homeless population continues to rise, in turn, the volume of affected people unable to access services is also rising.” TCAA notes. “Unquestionably, housing is the single most effective solution to ending homelessness. In the absence of an adequate supply of affordable housing, shelter remains a vital resource to prevent loss of life and provide the necessary “bridge” resources to stabilize and prepare individuals to transition out of homelessness.”

Hunger and homelessness are issues that we care deeply about, and we’re proud to support TCAA and their great efforts to help individuals on their journey from homelessness to independence. 

How You Can Help

The I-HELP shelter program not only provides a safe place to sleep, but also a spectrum of services to prepare men and women for employment, financial stability, and permanent housing. You can sponsor one night of shelter and services for a man or woman in need for as little as $35. 

About Tempe Community Action Agency

Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) improves the quality of life for the people we serve by helping them to alleviate a crisis and transition to greater economic independence. TCAA's mission is to foster dignity and self-reliance for the economically vulnerable in the communities we serve 

About Rentals America Cares

Rentals America Cares is the volunteer and charitable program of Rentals America.  Our primary focus is towards organizations that provide food and shelter to those in need. We proudly support Feeding America, TCAA, St. Mary's Food Bank and similar programs.